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We've garnered international attention here with our world-class wines. Have a look at some of what the press has been saying.

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Sashi Moorman's Enology Empire
Santa Barbara Independent, 25 Jul 2013

"What else are you working on?”

That’s my favorite question for Santa Barbara winemakers these days since so many of them are involved with multiple labels. That goes for everyone from folks in the family biz, like Chad Melville (who oversees the brand his dad founded, as well as Samsara); to those working for bigger outfits, like Fess Parker Winery’s Blair Fox (who also has an eponymous label) and Dave Potter (who owns Municipal Winemakers); to ultra-premium specialists like Matt Dees of Jonata (also making Goodland Wines, with Potter and others).

Spotlight on the Sta. Rita Hills and Lompoc Wine Ghetto
Santa Barbara Independent, 25 Jul 2013

The People, Places, and Practices of the Central Coast’s Southwestern Corner.

Lompoc Wine Ghetto Part 2, 17 Jul 2013

The Lompoc Wine Ghetto has so many quality wines to taste, you might need to return a few times to do it justice. It’s a great day trip for a group of friends, who can share tastings and experience more wines together.

Lompoc Wine Ghetto Part 1 17 Jul 2013

Wine tasting in a ghetto? It doesn’t sound like the normal grandeur that accompanies wine, but in this windswept corner of Santa Barbara County, the Lompoc Wine Ghetto has become a mecca for world-class, artisan wine production.  

Exploring the Lompoc Wine Ghetto – Part 1
Wine-Ding Road Blog, 19 Jun 2013

 I’ve known about the Lompoc Wine Ghetto for ages, but for some reason, I never had a strong desire to visit. I had a preconceived notion that it was an easy access, multiple tasting room destination that catered to those who prefer quantity over quality. After visiting for the first time this weekend, I could not have been more wrong.

Piedrasassi New Vineland Adds Bread to Its Repertoire
Santa Barbara Independent, 4 Dec 2012

Pulling up to Piedrasassi New Vineland’s tasting room in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto one Thursday afternoon near the end of harvest, my nose is greeted not with the juicy scent of the tons of grapes in various stages of the crush visible in every direction, but with an aroma even more intoxicating, the one I’m here for: the yeasty, rich smell of baking bread.

Santa Barbara embraces its many personalities
SF Gate, 7 Sep 2012

...if regional character were a numbers contest, measured not in identity but in identities, Santa Barbara County would take that prize in a heartbeat. With its proximity to the ocean and an idiosyncratic (for California) geography defined by transverse valleys, Santa Barbara comes with multiple personalities built in.

Industrial wine at the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, 5 Aug 2012

About 30 minutes from Los Olivos; off Highway 1 and 246 are 17 tasting rooms. No rolling hills, estates with vineyards or impressive tasting rooms. What you will find is award winning wines with some of the friendliest tasting room staff around.

Lompoc Wine Ghetto: Get Your Wine On Alternative
LA Weekly, 11 Jul 2011

Substance outshines style at Santa Barbara County's low-key Lompoc Wine Ghetto. A semi-industrial office park that's in the heart of land-that-time-forgot Lompoc, California, Lompoc Wine Ghetto has great wines and value make up what the setting lacks in amenities.

Summer escapes from LA: The Lompoc Wine Trail
examiner, 20 Jun 2012

If your usual image of wine tasting, however, is of wending up long, tree-lined driveways to chateau-like sites, be prepared for a shock. Picture instead a barren, asphalt-paved industrial park, but don’t let that stop you; the wines and welcoming atmosphere vastly overcome the visuals.

Simplicity Means Authenticity in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto
Edible Santa Barbara, Summer 2012

There are no grand entrances or picturesque picnic areas. No sweeping vineyard vistas or vine-themed boutiques. But a look inside the metal roll-up doors and angular concrete architecture of Lompoc’s Sobhani Business Park reveals an unexpected treasure: Some of Santa Barbara County’s most talented winemakers are crafting wines in a raw industrial space.

A Business of a Different Flavor
Lompoc Record, 20 Mar 2012

The Lompoc Ghetto, known by wine aficionados as a hot spot for good wine, soon will house a business of a different flavor — a commercial bakery founded by the owners of a Ghetto winery.

Hidden Gems and Delicious Destinations
Cooking Light, 19 Mar 2012

Sideways put Santa Barbara and its pinot noirs on the map back in 2004. Now, a new generation of young winemakers is fiddling with ideas about traditional tasting rooms.

Surprising Tastes of the Sta. Rita Hills
LA Times, 9 Feb 2012

For each, the Ghetto has served as a kind of incubator toward the pursuit of Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays that have brighter flavors, leaner textures, invigorating acidity and lower alcohols, the opposite of what has been happening in the region — and the state — over the last decade.

Transverse Transcendence
LA Times Magazine, Apr 2010

The approach to the pinot noir of the Santa Rita Hills has come a long way since Richard Sanford planted his first vine. In spite of the American wine intelligentsia’s attempts to define the typical style of the region’s pinot, those with a broader understanding of wine know that style is never static. It changes with every vintage, every winemaker.

The Joys of Lompoc
Wine Access, 23 Mar 2010

Expect to be blown away by genuine cool-climate wines. It's not the focused flavour that knocks you for a loop - it's the precision, elegance and balance that comes with it, wine after wine after wine.

Look to the hills
Chicago Tribune, 22 Nov 2009

Wineries such as Fiddlehead, Sea Smoke, Babcock, Alma Rosa, Taz and Sanford are garnering national attention for their well-crafted, delicious wines. And it's amazing how far they've come in such a short time. Sanford, the granddaddy of them all, was only established in 1971.

The Faces of Lompoc Wine
Saveur, 1 Aug 2009

Each of the winemakers in the ghetto has brought a singular perspective to the community, and in the past few years many of them have invited me into their wineries and shared their stories with me.


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